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Lucas  Javier  Ayala  -  The  Designer!

In charge of International Business Relations & Clients!


His Family
Coming from a family of talented, brave and patriots citizen, where his ancestors have been Presidents and leaders, in Argentinean and Paraguayan history, like "Eusebio Ayala" (Twice Paraguayan President from 1921 - 1923 and from 1932 - 1936), "José Eligio Ayala" (President of Paraguay from 1923 - 1924 and from 1924 - 1928), and his cousin "Roberto Fabián Ayala" (captain of the Argentine national Soccer Team until 2006. He has captained 63 matches and has played in three World Cups). L.J.A. has been following his family traditions, achieving his very successful business carrier and personal life.


Lucas Javier Ayala
Lucas Javier Ayala better known as L.J.A., was born in Buenos Aires - Argentina in the year of the Horse, moon ascendant sign Rooster, in the chinese astrology.

He spent his childhood and youth in Argentina and lived after for a couple of years in Paraguay until he moved to Miami Florida, later New York - USA and from there to Germany - Europe. He speaks next to the German language, also English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and the Guaraní language.

Right after high school he started studding mayor informatics.

His professional business career began in the year 1994 as an Accountant, Tax advisor and part of the developing team of the first accounting software written in the Cobol programming language (COmmon Business-Oriented Language, defining its primary domain in business, finance, and administrative systems for companies and governments) in Asunción for the - Finance Companies Association.

In the year 1995 he started working in the Visa Credit card department of a finance company. From the year 1996 on, he got promoted twice, until he became in the year 1998 promoted to the position of the supervisor.

In the year 2000 he became responsible for the Auditory Department, in charge of the Quality control under the "International Standard Norms ISO 9000". In this time he got trained and officially qualify by the international company SGS in Argentina, to audit the saving and Investment Department, achieving for the company the certification in services "ISO 9002".

During this time he also began the career of Business Administration, in the "American University" in Asunción.

At the beginning of 2001 the finance company merged with the “Deutsche Bank”. By this time he was in charge of the cash flow and values at the Treasure Inventory of the different branches. By half of the same year his duties upgraded in the Bank being in charge of one of the suburban branches.

Since his early childhood he felt a very strong passion for radio, TV, film and communication Medias, which made him decide to change his life direction one day and to follow his dreams to make them become reality!

For that he started in parallel to his work in the finance Company, his own late night Comedy Radio talk show production, named “Until Dawn - Cuando el sol no está”, in the KWFM 95.9 FEM Radio station. In his show he interviewed many celebrities from the showbiz, sports and the politics, in an innovative and creative format of Radio making.

Several International known Brands like “Unilever's REXONA”, “Bridgestone Americas Tires”, … started booking him as a speaker for their very successful broadcast advertising spots.

The success of the radio show and his creative writing expanded in audience, there for the "TELEFUTURA TV NETWORK" started developing a weekly TV “situation comedy - sitcom” version of his radio show, to reach an even wider audience.

After years of successful TV and Radio productions, L.J.A. traveled to the USA and started his studies of “Fine Arts in Motion Picture and TV Production”, in the school of Communication of the University of Florida in Miami, as well as other extracurricular professional instructions like acting and improvisation in the “Actor Studio” - "Sherry Faith" in North Miami - Florida, to expand his knowledge.

After many years of hard training, strong will and discipline, he started his performing career in the Entertainment and Event business.

As part of an internship in the American TV Network UNIVISION, L.J.A. began working as a camera man, and improving his writing skills in advertise and comedy, achieving the permanent position on the network after getting nine of his scripts chosen to be aired.

Letting his heart lead him, he married in Miami - Florida - USA the Entrepreneur, performing Artist and great Designer “Pandora Michèle Lorenz” and relocated his life and business together with her, to Germany -Europe to started a new exciting and challenging chapter in his life.

Together they co-founded the companies “Artillusions” and “ART-EXPRESSIONS”, specialized in Web & New Media communications, Marketing, Business concepts, visual impressions, graphic designs, Web animation’s, Web designs and Web mastering, photography, Film & Videography, Audio & Sound-Design and Music productions, Event Management and Incentives, Interior Designs, Lifestyle Designs and more!

Through many years of great business experience, his constant tenacity, discipline, passion and self challenge, the fusion of creative visual impressions and the most edgy, sophisticated and interactive tools available in the contemporary World market of Motion Graphics, L.J.A. could raise a professional series of knowledge which are the key for his success in his companies!

In his wife he found a great partner for life and his professional businesses and work, which completes him and challenges him to achieve the best possible results everyday and with everything he touches!

To keeps himself updates with the latest international Future Trends and to cultivate his international business contacts he travels constantly different countries of the world.

Special audio effect designs, exotic and creative photography’s, 3 dimensional objects and animated web pages, are between others simply tools, which he uses today, to deliver to his international and very well known, big company customers and clients, only the best possible what the world market can offer and professional results!

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